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The Cesar Chavez Model Curriculum was produced through funding from the California Legislature
associated with the commemoration of the life of César E. Chávez. The curriculum was approved
by the California State Board of Education on February 6, 2002.

Special thanks to Andres Resendez, University of California at Davis, Department of History

California Department of Education staff
Thomas Adams, Director, Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division
John Burns, Consultant
Dan Holt, Consultant
Teri Ollis, Analyst


Program Management, SCIENTECH, Inc.
Jay Stretch
Patti Rupert

Web Site and Information Technology, SCIENTECH, Inc
Mike Caldwell, Software Manager
Stuart Walsh, Research Center Development

Curriculum Development, Uintah Education Corp.
David Seiter, Project Manager
Ruben Zepeda, Curriculum Manager

Primary Source Research and Digitization
Jay Stretch, Lead
Kathy Schmeling, Wayne State University, Senior Archivist
Tim Wilson
Greg Titus

Scholarly Works and Scholarship Oversight
Dr. Roberto Haro, San Fransico State University
Dr. Richard Grizwold del Castillo, San Diego State University
Dr. Henry Gutierrez, San Jose State University
Dr. Maria Ortiz, Latino/Latina Studies
Dr. Margaret Rose, University of California, Santa Barbara

Source Authenticity and Oversight, The Cesar E. Chavez Foundation
Andres Irlando, Executive Director
Julie Chavez Rodriquez, Community Programs

History/Social Studies Textbook Correlations and Editor, Uintah Education
and my personal thanks for the text for the public page
Dr. Kathleen Contreras, California State University Channel Islands

K- 5 Lessons Developed and Written by
Virginia Scozzari
Rosie Gonzales
Rebecca Valbuena
Kiva Quals

Middle School Lessons Developed and Written by
Axel Ramirez
Larry Perales
Rozaleen Zisch

High School Lessons Developed and Written by
Robert Ross
David Seiter
Ruben Zepeda

Oral Histories Video, Worldwide Support, Inc.
Leslie Bates, Manager
Natalie Fleming, Transcriptions
Zorka Divitch, Translations

Biography Translation
Bettie Lee Taylor, Total Translating

Patti Rupert
Pat Rawlings
Cathleen Edwards
Natalie Fleming

And least of all, Gary Miller who converted this web site from JSP to Asp.Net without the benefit of the original source code.

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