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César E. Chávez with Navajo Community College Student and Ben Booth at Canyon De Chelly
Photo by Glen Pearcy
César E. Chávez
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César Chávez Day

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Who was this man of extrordinary vision, dedication, commitment, and struggle? Learn about his life, work, and vision centering on the ideals of social justice and equity through nonviolent, yet powerful actions

Meet his family, his colleagues, and the people who surrounded him in the struggle for justice, peace, and dignity. Step back in time to understand the history of struggle. Learn about present social conditions of Mexican-origin laborers. Take action for our future and promote his vision and legacy. Be a part of the community for a more just and equitable working community.

Clearly, César's life, work, vision and philosophy are inseparable. This Web site uses the many paths of his life to merge his life's journey, his vision, on a single path to social justice and dignity for those who work in the fields. We invite you — students, educators, consumers, community members, spiritual leaders — to share his vision, join his journey, and participate in public service for your local community and schools.

Meet César Chávez -- the man, his vision, his work -- in a time of struggle, sacrifice, and dignity for many.

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