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César E. Chávez with Navajo Community College Student and Ben Booth at Canyon De Chelly
Photo by Glen Pearcy
César E. Chávez

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Cesar E. Chavez's Medal of Freedom, File 1 (pdf)
Various articles regarding Cesar E. Chavez posthumously receiving the Medal of Freedom.
Cesar E. Chavez's Medal of Freedom, File 2 (pdf)
News articles and program for presentation of Medal of Freedom.
Celebrity Letters of Support, File 1 (pdf)
Letters from Leonard Nimoy, Edward M. Kennedy, George McGovern, Robert F. Kennedy, Ferdinand Marcos, President Jimmy Carter, Coretta Scott King, Anthony Quinn, Bill Cosby, Averill Harriman, Henry G. Parks, Flaxie Pinkett, Eli Wallach, and League for Industrial Democracy.
A Dialogue with Congress 10/01/1969, File 5 (pdf)
CONGRESSMAN JOHN V TUNNEY (D-CALIF) I would like to welcome César Chávez and his colleagues to Washington I think that César Chávez has done more than any other man in the history of American labor relations to bring to the attention of the American people the plight of the farm worker.
8-7 Speech A Dialogue with Congress cl_e.pdf

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