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César E. Chávez with Navajo Community College Student and Ben Booth at Canyon De Chelly
Photo by Glen Pearcy
César E. Chávez

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Organizing Filipino Workers
Pete Valesco, Senor Regalado, and Paulino Pacheco organizing the Filipino farm workers for the union.
Community Service Organization, File 1
Announcement of formation of CSO in California; reports on progress; list of committee functions; CSO brochure; voter literacy test letter draft.
Talk by Cesar Chavez with Joan Paulus
Interview by Joan Paulus on Jan 3, 1970. “I started organizing in 1948 and I was very young … ”
8-13 Speeches&Statements 1968-71_h.pdf
Farm Workers Protest Immigration Enforcement
Justice Clark was to give a speech commemorating Law Day throughout the nation. The farm workers decided to celebrate what they called their first ‘When-Will-You-Enforce-The-Law Day’ as a protest of what they cited as a laxity of enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws.
41-41Guimarra strike Misc_ocrd.PDF

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