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César E. Chávez with Navajo Community College Student and Ben Booth at Canyon De Chelly
Photo by Glen Pearcy
César E. Chávez
Philosophy and Ideals:
Non-Violent Social Change

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César Chávez Day

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Victory for Non-Violence
On July 29, 1970, Giumarra Vineyards Corp. and 28 Delano grape growers signed collective bargaining agreements with the United Farm Workers.
The Relevance of Gandhi in Inter-Religious Concord
“In order to understand Gandhi's contributions to concord and co-operation among the great religious systems for the reconstruction of society, we must look at Gandhi’s concept of religion.”
Our Lives Are All That Really Belong to Us Poster.
“ … Our lives are all that really belong to us” poster.
Tributes to Cesar Chavez after Death
A journey for justice; statement from the UFW; memorial service poster; letter from Rev. John F. Stevens.
Gandhian Movement in the West—Impressions of Tour
Correspondence about the Gandhian movement in the west—some impressions of a tour abroad.
End of 24-day Fast 6-4-72
Cesar's statement upon ending his 24-day fast in 1972.
Pilgrimage to Sacramento
The farm workers of Delano are approaching the end of their three hundred mile pilgrimage to Sacramento. Their march is a symbol of many years or humiliation and suffering, it is also symbolic of new courage and of the farm workers’; continuing hope in the democratic process as they lay their cause on the conscience of the Governor and the people of this State.
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