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César E. Chávez with Navajo Community College Student and Ben Booth at Canyon De Chelly
Photo by Glen Pearcy
César E. Chávez

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César Chávez Day

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The Cesar E. Chavez Family
Cesar E. Chavez family portrait
Family Letters to Cesar Chavez During Stay in Jail
Personal letters from Helen Chávez and Nina Chávez to César Chávez while he was in jail during December 1970
UFW News Release on Death of Cesar E. Chavez
The death of Cesar Chavez is a devastating personal loss for his family and for those of us in the movement who worked with him. It is still difficult for many of us to describe in words the emotions that we feel.
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Tributes to Cesar Chavez after Death
A Journey for Justice; Statement from the UFW; Memorial Service Poster; letter from Rev. John F. Stevens

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